Mental Toughness

Alan Searle is a Master Trainer of Mental Toughness and provides training for people to become Licensed Users in many sectors.

The Concept of Mental Toughness seeks to explain why people respond to the same environment differently; some succumb to pressure, while others thrive in peak performance.


Mental Toughness is directly related to:

  • Performance - reasons for variations in levels of achievement
  • Behaviour - more engaged, more positive, more "can do" attitude to raise aspirations
  • Wellbeing - more contentment, better stress management, increased success
  • Aspirations - more ambitious, prepared to manage more work and belief in reaching gaols

The focus on performance is applied towards four main areas:

  • Self-belief - having a belief in one's ability and one's unique qualities to achieve success, providing the confidence to do so.
  • Motivation - a driving force or forces responsible for the initiation, persistence, direction and vigour of goal-directed behaviour; also, the ability of providing increased performance after a setback.
  • Focus - the ability to remain fully focused on the task or situation when specific distractions are apparent. one addition to this area is being able to switch focus from one task to another when required and turn of any negative worry or self-talk.
  • Composure or handling pressure - the capability to regain psychological control following unexpected events; thriving on pressure and being able to embrace the emotion and know it can be managed.

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